Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Visiting Friends

Effe and the Man-Friend have the most delightful house. You can sit at the dining table and look out at the clouds passing by. The weather is amazing, and a cool breeze blows softly through the window. We spent hours just sitting and talking.

There are few people I consider family: it was inexpressibly nice to spend time with some of them. Especially when there was no hurry of things to do, when we had left all our worries behind at home.

Of all the memories I have of this long weekend, more than the partying and all the eating and drinking and shopping and driving around, I cherish those long hours we spent in their home, talking.

And just before we left, we looked out of the window and saw rainbows. One bright arch, and a faint one above it. Much the same as last time.

I suppose it was the city's way of saying goodbye.

The picture isn't very clear and the rainbows were fading by the time it was taken.


dipali said...

Lovely visit, and such a lovely poetic tribute to your friend. Here's to friendship- may it always sustain you:)

Unmana said...

Thank you! I wish you the same.

Pallavi Sharma said...

Glad you had fun. And yes, she does have a beautiful house!
(And a husband that cooks. Sigh!)