Friday, July 17, 2009

Alice Walker's "The Color Purple"

I read this much acclaimed book yesterday. I had read a lot of praise of the book, especially from a feminist perspective, and I was apprehensive about whether the book would live up to it all, but it simply blew me away.

An amazing book. Read my review here.


anumita said...

I love it too. It was part of our course. Feminism paper.

Unmana said...

I'm curious: what course did you do that had a feminism paper?

anumita said...

The golden years of MA Eng Litt.:) Not more than 8 in a class. We had the most interesting papers including Native American and Canadian Litt besides Feminism. And no, we didnt write a 3 hr exam at the end of the year. We had to present seminar papers and often in front of these authors who came down from all over the world.