Friday, July 10, 2009

No, You're Not My Friend

I get a ‘friend request’ on Facebook.
No, you’re not my friend.
What made you think you were?
Just because you knew me by sight
All those years ago?
Yeah, I had a crush on you.
That’s why I used to hang around your class.

Though I didn’t think you’d ever noticed.
You used to speak to my friend sometimes.
But never to me. Ah, yes.
Once, you gave me a smile.
I was on cloud nine for days after that.

But so what? We never spoke.
I don't think you even knew my name.
What makes you think we can be friends?
What makes you think I want to know how you are
Or how good you are at some word game?

I have moved on. Grown up, you know.
I don’t care to know you any more.
Oh yeah, back then, I would have jumped high
If you had asked me to be your ‘friend’.
But that isn’t me, the me of today.

I wouldn’t like you if I saw you as you were then.
I mean – that haircut, were you serious?
And that leather jacket. Ahem.
And you weren’t even all that smart.
Look at who you had for a girlfriend.

I’m much smarter. Maybe you are too.
But I don’t care to find out.
Maybe I’ll ‘accept’, for the sake of my teenage self.
Or maybe I’ll ignore, so as not to seem rude
But I don’t need you in my life, you know.


dipali said...

That's telling 'em!

gypsy said...


gud one