Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Jeans Aren't Banned!

I never thought I would praise Mayawati, but here it is: her government removed the ban on jeans in certain colleges in Kanpur.

Sanity has been prevailing in the Indian state lately.


Dr. Ally Critter said...

Don't you think it is so ironic that we look at the government as doing wonderfully good things when it institutes policies that treat us as human beings? I know this is a good policy, but the idea that bothers me is that we need a policy like it in the first place.

Sumedha said...

God, I am so glad that jeans policy was overruled! It was un-bloody-believable! Made me so embarassed to even be from Kanpur!

And to the comment above, I sort of agree that it is kind of sad that we need to be so happy that a policy that was ridiculous to begin with was overturned. But we see so many such ridiculous policies all over the country, I'm glad we have a government that removes these (at least sometimes).

dipali said...

What a relief! God save us from the foolish.

Unmana said...

I agree with Sumedha here. I do wish sense prevailed more often!

Dipali: Amen!