The Voices in My Head

The Voices in My Head Kindle book cover
Update: So if you wanted to read (or reread) the story but clicking through all the links is too much of a pain, The Voices in My Head is now a Kindle book.

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I'm not taking down the story from this blog, so if you prefer to read it for free, go ahead!

This is a story. The story of Miki, who is in her early twenties and lives in Gurgaon, far away from the small hill town where she grew up. 

Miki has a pretty normal life: she has a job she enjoys, but wonders if it's really something she wants to keep doing for years; she has friends who make up a big part of her life; she has family she likes but doesn't always agree with; she has had romances in the past but is now looking for something meaningful and lasting. She is, in a way, most of us. 

Yet she is herself. She reads romance novels, but doesn't believe in them. She is lonely, but too lazy or self-absorbed or scared to go out looking for friends. She doesn't think she's pretty, but it doesn't seem to bother her much. She has these two conflicting personalities within her that form a running commentary to her life: Miki, her rebellious, independent side and Mandakini, her conformist, sweet side.

You, yes, you who read this site or just happened to land up here, can be a part of her story. Watch it unfold, chapter by chapter. Tell me what you like about it, and what you don't. Tell me what you want to happen, and maybe I'll listen. 

Every Sunday, a fresh chapter. Read about Miki and hear the voices in her head. 

The story so far:
  1. Meet Me, Miki
  2. Meet My Best Friend, Raghav
  3. I Get Drunk - and Get Sober Again
  4. Raghav Goes Back
  5. On Ex-Boyfriends and a Boy Who Was Just a Friend
  6. My Childhood
  7. Finally, I Go Out with Vikram
  8. Mostly Work
  9. Meet Divya
  10. I Learn More about Vikram
  11. On Roommates
  12. Raghav - and "That Girl"
  13. More Confusion
  14. I Try to Act All Grown-up
  15. I Find a Home
  16. Missing Raghav
  17. Moving Home
  18. Going Home
  19. I See My Mom Again
  20. I Meet an Old Friend
  21. I Talk to Ma - and to Raghav
  22. A New Year
  23. Another Weekend, Another Date
  24. Raghav Calls with More News
  25. Miki and Mandakini, Alone
  26. One Last Try
  27. Divya's House
  28. Divya's Wedding
  29. I Give in to Mom
  30. I Meet a Guy
  31. I Tell Ma How It Went
  32. The Writer
  33. Valentine's Day
  34. Things Happen at Work
  35. Shopping
  36. The Engagement
  37. Rizvi and I Go to the Cocktail Party
  38. Finally, the Wedding
  39. Epilogue


Sheetal said...

The story is really gripping. interestingly unfolds.... just the way it should. I feel like i am holding a book and can't keep it down.

Loved your writing. Hope the story unfolds sooner... Can't wait!!

I also expressed my thoughts on momofrs post!!

Miki is the voice in everyone's head!! :)

Unmana said...

Her: Thank you so much for reading and commenting.

Mina Menon said...

Just a word to desc it... WOW! I loved it@

Anonymous said...

I know you have been writing these parts for a while, but I couldn't wait after second, so I vanished and resurfaced after so long, and read them all :-D. Awesome, can you post them all at once? Now I cannot wait for the others!

Anonymous said...

Nice, Unmana. I like the way you've organized the book. Makes for much easier reading. And it's going really well.

Site manager said...

1. I have missed you!
2. Starting the first chapter now, love it already!!

~ Michele

Rahmath said...

I am so glad i discovered your blog after you finished writing the whole thing. It would have been extremly difficult for me to wait between the posts. Read 3 chapters in a go. Wonderful!

Unknown said...

Great writeup!! Could relate so much with myself:)