Monday, July 20, 2009


It was spring when we first met.
And walked on flowers scattered on our path.
Then it began to rain.
But what did I care?
The raindrops only washed the dust off our faces
And we walked on, hand in hand.
Then the clouds blew away
And the wind rose, fast and loud.
A sandstorm surrounded us
But I closed my eyes and walked on.
As long as my hand was in yours,
What did I have to fear?
But then for a few minutes
I let go of your hand.
I was too weary to keep walking.
But when I tried to catch up with you
I couldn’t find you again.
I call out your name:
A faint cry answers.
I run in the direction of the sound.
But there is no one there.
It is dark now, and I do not know the way.
Where are you when I need you most?
It is cold, and I am shivering.
What will I do without the warmth of your love?

Written seven years ago

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