Saturday, February 24, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me

It is one year since I started this blog as a means to express my views and feelings. And it has recorded transformations in my life, thoughts in my mind, and even my varying moods. I presume it to be read by a friend who is interested in what’s happening in my life, a stranger who is looking for a way to pass a leisurely hour, and a critic who is analysing my thoughts (and often enough, the same person is all three).

I have written on success and education quotas, about bad brand experiences and forwards. I have written on dreams and on mist and described midnight rambles. I’ve praised two wonderful managers I’ve had and ranted about my wedding being a private event. I have explained some of my beliefs and revealed things I like. I have bewailed the sorry state of politics and the unrest in my homeland.

Some of my words make me cringe and some make me smile. It is perhaps for the sake of those smiles that I overcome my embarrassment at past failures and write on. Or maybe it is merely that as long as I have something to write about, I will.

Friday, February 09, 2007


This is my homeland - my Assam. The many hues of green that roll over the countryside. The serenity that calms and soothes you. And this is the land that they are tearing apart, this is the countryside on which they are spilling blood...
I thought often of writing something here in protest of the terrorists who are desecrating my land, sadly, in the name of 'patriotism' towards Assam. Even more sad that we let them get away with it, that there have been - and may be still, though I hope not - common people who have supported their cause.
Some months ago, I had put up an email alert for news on Assam or Guwahati, so that I would know if there was any untoward incident and I could get in touch with my mom, who lives there. Time and again - for some time, almost every day - I have been alerted of bomb blasts and killings. And saddened by the savages who are terrorizing my land, fearful for the friends I have there.
Often enough had I thought of putting up a post on this, of ripping apart their arguments, of bewailing in public the violation of my land. And yet, each time, I desisted. It was a cause too close to my heart for me to write coherently. Refuting the arguments of terrorists is an exercise futile enough to be laughable - when were terrorists ever lead by reason?
So to all the bloodshed and fear I have but one retort - this picture of my land that depicts but imperfectly its beauty and tranquility. Look at the picture, and imagine the brutality of minds that commit violence in a land like this. Look at the picture and spare a moment for the state's glorious beauty and its fertile land, and its oppressing burden of small selfish minds and savage tearing hands.