Friday, July 24, 2009

The Monsoons

I don't remember enjoying a season as much as I am enjoying the monsoons this year. It helps, of course, that I am at home and can just sit by the window and watch it rain: I don't have to worry about water-logged roads or muddy clothes. And the weather has been wonderful till now: alternating between drizzles, showers and sunny skies.

The rain has made everything around green and beautiful, so that the view from the windows is worth a look, if you can blur out the ugly buildings in the immediate vicinity. And today I took an auto ride along green lanes - and realised I don't envy the residents of Bangalore any more.

It helps that the roads have improved this year, so auto rides are nowhere as bumpy or squelchy as they used to be. I always sympathise with bike riders, pedestrians and people waiting at bus stops: my feelings about the rains were much less unequivocal while I was one of them.

I have always been fascinated by the rains, however. In a queer way, they make me feel at home, as I grew up in wet Assam. I had written about my first experience of the monsoons in Pune and also about the conflicting feelings the rain aroused in me. I wrote about braving the rains to go shopping for my wedding. Last year, I wrote about the season's first shower. This year, the rains inspired me to write this short story.

Now let me go get a cup of chai and sit by the window again...


Anonymous said...

oh well, I already made my views on the rains pretty clear.
This post made me go through your archives -loved the sari shopping one!!

Anonymous said...

I luvvvvv the rains n so hv landed on ur blog @ the rt time :)
Nice post .. wanna check all those links. Will b bk :)

Unmana said...

LOST: Ah, thanks. Reading it again brought a smile on my face too. That's the best reason to blog - so that I can look back on my own experiences and feelings.

thesongonlife: Welcome, and I hope you visit again.

Site manager said...

Sitting by the window watching the rain with tea and a book. That really sounds divine!!