Wednesday, December 26, 2007

To Effe, Who is Getting Married Next Week

How many years has it been
Since we’ve known each other?
I think I remember a fair-skinned child in my school
Whose name I knew, but who I don’t remember talking to.

I remember a girl in high school;
I don’t remember talking to her either.
Through all those years of school
I don’t remember ever talking to you.

And then college, and a large group of ‘friends’
Of which I was a fringe member.
I spoke to you then.
But I don’t think we really talked.

Two years later: how did we end up choosing the same major?
We sat together in class, just because we knew each other better than the others.
And then, we started talking… sometimes staying in the room long after the class was over.
I don’t remember what we talked about.

Slowly other friends faded out.
You grew more focused.
Surprisingly, you seemed to understand
Unspoken thoughts and feelings.

I took to going to your house after class.
Maybe to put off going to mine.
But I remember nostalgically,
many hours spent in your home.

Somehow, we turned inseparable.
People began interchanging our names when they called us.
Do you remember, we once wore dresses the same colour?
And no one believed that it was a coincidence.

And afterwards, we took childish pleasure
In dressing similarly.
Yet, we were so different.
I was so rebellious, you so pliant.

You seemed so stable.
Even when I went away,
I imagined you would always be there
Whenever I came home I could visit you.

Two years passed by.
You, notorious for not keeping in touch with friends
Kept in touch with me.
Not very regularly, but you did.

And then one day, you told me you were moving
To a big city, for a good job.
My world seemed to shift.
How could you ever dig out your roots?

That was three years ago.
Look at where we are now.
Twenty-six year old women.
Working, living far from where we grew up.

Me, happily married.
And you, going to take the step next week.
Married, can you believe it?
Grown up and living our dreams!

I look at you, living alone,
driving your own car
And I am proud, as if
I have achieved something.

As if my journey into adulthood
Is made more meaningful
Because you have, in your own way,
Come so far, too.

*I couldn't find a colour closer to that shade of lavender we both wore.


Maitreyee said...

hmm..... sigh!

yeah.... dear, its been long but its been worthwhile :)

Pallavi Sharma said...

To your Effe and my dear ex-roomie,
I have somewhat similar feelings to pride when I see you living on your own, driving your car, and just being your cool self always. Love you tons and wish a blissful married life. May your partner complement you and be the source of joy and support that you deserve.
And thanks, Unmana, for these beautiful words for a beautiful girl.
Pallu :)