Friday, August 31, 2012

Naming Our Hypothetical Children

Since a few of our friends are expecting babies, I thought it might be a nice time to share this semi-incoherent conversation with the Guy from a while ago. We laughed ourselves to sleep that night, but I'm guessing that was just us!

One night, I tell the Guy, "You know, I almost regret that we're not going to have children because it would be so cool to think of names for them. They're stuck going around being called something ridiculous... at least until they are old enough to get them changed anyway."

"I think I'd like to name our hypothetical child..."

"Hypothetical?" says the Guy helpfully.

I laugh. "No, though that's quite good. I was thinking of God. It would be so much fun to say, God's been so naughty today, we had to lock her up at home."

"Or we have to go home early because of God's homework."

I turn around to go to sleep and suddenly start laughing. "I have a better name for our daughter."

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Mid-Week Reads: Product Reviews Can Be Fun, Too

I usually link to blog posts and articles, not to product reviews. But the reviews on this Bic For Her pen are so delicious, they should be read as widely as possible!

Apparently, working moms are happier and healthier than other moms.

The informational interview is actually a thing you should do, yes.

Be awesome at a moment's notice.

Yeah, I'm short of links this week. What have you been reading?

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Mid-Week Reads: Vegetarians and Gender

Cosmocking is back!
You're going along, being all masculine, and then your date fucks it up and breaks your masculinity so you have to be feminine! And you don't even own a decent pair of heels so then you have to go shopping!
I love this article about getting along with vegetarians. I'm not much of a vegetarian anymore, but seriously, some of you meat-eaters need to learn the concept of politeness!

Weird, woman wasn't harassed today.   

Returning home from work Wednesday evening, area woman Caitlin Levy suddenly realized that, quite unusually, she had not been harassed or propositioned for sex even once the entire day, the puzzled 28-year-old told reporters.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Mid-Week Reads: Networking Stories

I'm cheating this week, by putting in a few links and also adding a couple of personal anecdotes.

Wearing an interesting scarf or pin can help with networking.

Personal story time: I was a painfully shy, self-conscious 21-year-old when I went to interview for b-school. It was the only school I interviewed at. I did horribly at the group discussion because I was too quiet to speak up. The interview was with a panel of intimidating (to me) people, and I was given a quick, silly topic to speak on as the next test. I started, I fumbled, I shut up.

This old guy on the panel then kindly asked me to talk about my dupatta. Somehow, that unlocked my thoughts--I talked about the hand-woven silk from Assam and wove in a quote by Gandhi! I saw everyone visibly thaw and begin to smile.

The rest of the interview seemed easier. And I got in! And that's where I got really interested in marketing and met the Guy, so life would have been very different otherwise.

Here are things you shouldn't do in networking.

There are some awkward networking stories in the comments here.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Please Help Chirang

I received a heart-rending email from a friend last week about the conditions in Chirang. I was waiting until we could make a donation before posting it here, so here goes. Conditions have worsened in the meantime, so if it's within your means, please consider making a donation.

My friend Nandini wrote this, which I've edited to make it shorter:
I had the opportunity of going to Assam in May and staying with ANT (Action North east), an NGO near Bongaigaon through Suja Warriar. I observed first hand all the wonderful work they were doing for the up liftment of the community there. It is really sad to see the ongoing developments in the Bodoland. I have attached the details of my trip.

Suja Warriar, an employee of Infosys is on a two year sabbatical with ANT. She has been keeping us updated with all the happenings there.
These are excerpts from Suja Warriar's emails:

Friday, August 10, 2012

Shameless Self-Promotion

I wasn't going to do this, but a) a friend told me not to be shy and b) I thought you should know what I've been so busy doing.

So, here's what. The Guy and I have started a business together. We're going to help small business do better marketing. For now, I'm the consultant, and he's support.

Here are some links:

We are just starting out, so things might be wonky -- let me know if you notice anything wrong. And please share any of these links with friends who might be interested!

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Mid-Week Reads: Erratic, but Alive

I haven't been regular lately, but since you haven't complained, I will pretend nothing's changed. ;)

Best video ever: a message to haters on YouTube.

Why aren't women's magazines doing well online? (I wasn't sure about including this one, because really, who cares.)

Here's why you didn't get that interview.

I realize that the same skills serve you well when interacting with in-laws as well as with prospective employers. Read my article over at Women's Web.

That's it! Have a great week.