Saturday, January 26, 2008


Loneliness can be terrifying.

Even the most common everyday things, like loading clothes in the washing machine or making tea, seem meaningful and enjoyable if you have someone to do it with or for. If there is someone sitting in the next room for you to call out to or share the tea with. If you’re alone, you see the dirty clothes piling up, and it seems like a difficult and pointless chore.

With the Guy away for the weekend, I have been forcing myself to live normally. I had been looking forward to the solitude, to time to think, to be by myself. But the house seems so silent, the bed so empty. Yet I have been doing pretty well, I think. I made myself tea in the morning, washed a load of clothes, and cooked a simple lunch. I had intended to do some writing, but my mind refuses to think.

I find it strange that I have got so used to togetherness when I used to be so lonely. I was a lonely child and a lonely teenager. I had lots of friends, but no one to share my inner world with, which is probably why I liked writing. It’s only for the last two years that I have someone with whom I not only spend most of my time, but also share most of my thoughts. For an intensely private person like me, it is surprising to find that being with one particular person is as comfortable, and much more fun, than being with myself. Only rarely does it become slightly claustrophobic, and a few hours apart seems sufficient to cure that.

Here’s to two years of a thrilling, liberating, intoxicating, yet peaceful journey!

Friday, January 25, 2008

How You Get Here

Some recent searches that brought visitors here:
  • inida six movies: See, the fact that I can watch so many movies in one weekend actually interests someone!
  • bum bum bole song in words: Sorry, you have to look elsewhere.
  • phone obituary: Your phone dead too? My condolences.
  • aamir khan picher: This one puzzled me. Why was anyone interested in Aamir Khan and my friend Oliver Picher (whom I have in my blogroll) at once? Then I realised they probably meant "picture"! Ummm, do let me know when you find a nice one, will you?
  • to see six movies: There, I said so! Is it some kind of record I created?
  • Words of Going Home: Is this a song? Or is someone trying to lift original compositions off the internet?
  • make my boss love me: I'm sorry, I haven't yet offered any advice on that. Will let you know as soon as I find out!
  • where i learnt my business ideas from my boss: I'm sorry, but what exactly is the question here?
  • i love my job and my boss she is the best leader: Lucky you!
  • happiness makes me feel insecure: Now, why do you think that is?

Monday, January 21, 2008


Every beginning symbolises hope.
The dawn of a new day signifies the hope of good things to come, of light to overcome darkness. The blossoming of a bud symbolises the birth of beauty. The birth of a child epitomises hope in mankind.

Good morning to a new week.
May it bring new triumphs, new challenges, new joys, new thoughts. May it renew old dreams and hopes. May it take us a little nearer to what we are and where we want to be.

Monday, January 14, 2008

At the Zoo

This weekend, I did something I have wanted to do for some time: visited the local zoo. I had great fun, pretending to be a serious photographer and clicking away (with not a lot of success, sadly). It was like being a kid again, though I tried hard to distance myself from the hordes of uniformed children. I am putting up my favourite photos from the visit.

The board says: Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park
and Wildlife Research Centre, Katraj

Painting near the entrance

The sun filtering in through the leaves

Fading flowers

A group of deer resting in the shade

A buck striding towards his harem

A deer poised by the pool

The Guy walking with his mother

The leopard stalks

What are these tortoises doing?

This one is by the Guy - a turtle in water

Alligators raise their heads

Slithering snakes

The quiet lake

The ground strewn with flowers

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The Night

What is it about the night
that speaks of excitement, of mystery?

That gives rise to fears too terrible to be named:
Too absurd to be mentioned during the day?

Why does moonlight cast a silvery sheen over the earth?
And why do stars wink to boast of secrets they cannot reveal?

Why does even the ordinary breeze seem to take on strength
And whisper with a sinister sound it does not have in the daytime?

Why does a simple mundane task
Seem at once enigmatic and out of the ordinary?

Why do common ordinary everyday things
Seem just a little out of reach?

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Phone Conversation of the Day - II

My desk phone rings. I answer. The caller mentions she is from some placement agency.

Me (surprised): "You called up my office phone to talk about a job?!"
Caller: "Well, ma'am, we can talk on some other phone..."
Me: "No, but I first want to know what this is about."
Caller: "Ma'am, I cannot tell you right now as we are on your office phone."
Me (puzzled): "But where did you get this number then?"
Caller: "This is just a random call."
Me: "You just call up any number with no idea of the person's profile?"
Caller: "Yes, ma'am."
Me (still incredulous): "You waste people's time like that?!"
Then I realised there was nothing more to say, and disconnected.