Monday, July 27, 2009

To the Noisy Neighbours - 2*

Ma'am, as if the picture conjured up by your (very loud) words to your child, "Cheeku, baith ke teevee dekho, Mummy nahai-nahai kar rahi hai" ("Cheeku, sit and watch tv, Mummy is taking a bathy-bath") wasn't enough to scar me for life; you, sir, have to shout out - to your wife, I hope (or maybe I should hope it wasn't to your wife, as you seemed not to remember her name) - "Towel! Hello!"

I can stand what sound like shouting matches between you, ma'am, your child and your visitors; an infrequent quarrel between the two of you serves to entertain me; and I suppose it is edifying, in its own way, to hear you struggle to communicate in English (which you do - communicate, I mean, though the form your words take usually makes me raise an eyebrow). But is it really fair to mar my day by subjecting me to such a picture as above first thing in my morning, before I have properly woken up and got the courage to wrest with the challenges the day will throw at me?

I hope you will admit the justice of my plea and do your utmost to prevent such occurences in future.

Yours sincerely,
The quiet-loving woman in the flat above yours.

*1 here. And yeah, they're back from vacation.


dipali said...

Phew! What else can one say:(

Pallavi Sharma said...

Sheesh. That could have been me yelling at the dogs to stay quiet or not fight while I go for a bath! I talk to them and give them instructions as if they are people who can understand and will follow.

Unmana said...

Dipali: Well, at least I'm getting blog-fodder out of it!

Pallu: Well, she wasn't just going for a bath, she was IN the bathroom.