Tuesday, August 26, 2008

What I'm Enjoying about Living Alone

  1. Hogging the modem (the Guy has a work laptop, but we share the modem)
  2. Having so much time to myself. This morning, I got up at eight, blogged, surfed the net, made and ate toast and tea, read the newspaper, cooked lunch and got ready for work: all in a very leisurely manner.
  3. Not having to synchronize bathroom and toilet visits
  4. Having a whole bed to myself and my blankets and pillows (though I had thought this was what I'd hate - it's not so bad)
  5. Cooking what I want to eat (like egg curry, which he detests)
  6. Having the tv off unless I want to watch it. No cricket playing on mute (lest it should annoy me even further)


Nilesh said...

ok ok! I get the message :-/

Banno said...

Know just the way you feel. Talking of synchronizing bathroom and toilet timings, see this Cary Grant film 'Walk, Don't Run'. Worth seeing just for that sequence.

It's nice to have a few, very few days alone, before you start missing The Guy.

Vivek Agarwal said...

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Unmana said...

Nil: Well, I do miss you. I'm trying to look at the good side.

Banno: Thank you. I am trying to make the most of those few days. I'll look out for the movie.

Emma said...

Exactly what I feel when hubby or I travel. Solitude has its advantages, isn't it?

I am so glad you are doing fine.

Unmana said...

Vivek: Sure. Please give me a few days.

Emma: I don't know how to say this without sounding hollow, but it's so nice of you to try to boost my spirits, to care. You and Banno both have been extremely kind. I'm glad I know you. Thanks

Indian Home Maker said...

Sounds so much like me when I am alone! That cricket on mute is the story in my house also :) Add to it, staying up till late and blogging without being reminded it's past 11 pm :)