Monday, August 25, 2008

Guilty Secret

I bought and devoured eM's book. For the record, I liked it. It is what they call "chick-lit"(what a detestable term! And books by men with male protagonists are... cock-lit?), with a young woman falling in and out of love and dealing with other relationships - friendships, her parents.

But it disappointed me, in a weird, guilty way. Here's my guilty secret: I am (was) writing what I hoped would be (eventually) a book. And why am I disappointed? Because, oh, there are so many things similar between eM's book and the one I was (am?) writing!
  1. The protagonist is a young (twentyish), single working woman living in Delhi (though mine might be living in Gurgaon - I haven't quite figured that out) with a roommate.
  2. There is a great male friend, with some more-than-friends moments.
  3. The heroine has a single mother.
  4. The heroine figures out one relationship better after having a physically intimate moment (though I don't think mine would have gone as far as sex - I guess both my heroine and me are too squeamish).
  5. The novel ends on an optimistic note at a friend's wedding.

Yeah, I'd figured out the end, even though I'm not halfway through the book and haven't figured out all of the twists yet. But that is too much of a coincidence, is it now? I'm depressed now, and wondering if it's any point going through it at all. (Though I probably will, if only for my own satisfaction.)

But then, eM probably did it much better than I could.


Fictional Desi said...

well its never to late (or early!) to write that book! im sure by the time you're done it'll have a voice that's uniquely yours!

Banno said...

I can completely understand what you are feeling. All of us go through these moments when we feel our work is pointless. Particularly after reading something that is similar and we really like. But I think even if we talk of similar things all of us have our own voices. And yours is a strong one, going by your blog. So, hang in there.

What is eM's book called? I'll look for it.

Unmana said...

Fictional Desi: Thank you. And welcome here.

Banno: Thank you for the encouragement. I have long read your blog with admiration, so praise from you is gratifying.

eM's book is called "You Are Here":