Thursday, August 28, 2008

Police Raid Party in Khandala

If they didn't know whether the women were employed by an escort agency, why are they being called bar girls or dance girls? Why is it against the law to have nude dancing or any kind of obscenity at a private party? I get it that they were playing a porn CD, and porn is illegal in India. Oh wait, distributing and publishing pornography is illegal, not accessing it.

What crime exactly was committed? How can the police barge into our houses and arrest us for daring to be sexual?


Indian Home Maker said...

Completely agree with you. This news made me sooo angry! And how the media and the Police LOVE such news! I am waiting to see how other bloggers react to your comment!

Indian Home Maker said...

There's something for you on my Blog :)

Unmana said...

I actually did think of you when I was writing it, and was sure you would agree.