Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Empowering TV-Watching

So those saas-bahu soaps are actually empowering for women? Who would have known? Maybe I should watch some myself.

But seriously, if this is true, it's a sad comment on our society that what I - and most young urban women - would find retrogade is actually inspiring women to take more control over their lives.


Banno said...

I would take such research with a pinch of salt. It seems to me that such serials only 'empower' women in continuing gender biases, superstitions, consumerism.

Lekhni said...

That's such a sad commentary on their lives. Here I am, thinking how badly women are depicted in these soaps, and it turns out my "bad depiction" is still better than their reality :(

Unmana said...

Banno: Yeah, of course, when I write this I'm assuming it's true. It might not be an accurate picture. But - at least maybe the women in those shows don't get beaten up by their husbands or forced to abort female foetuses?

Lekhni: That is exactly how I felt.

Dr. Ally Critter said...

I did not know how to write it- specially since the entire blogspheres take on it seemed so "holier than thou".. Its not something so far removed. And one does not want to justify. Just to do "what one has to". And I did not link to the story that triggered it, because they have had far too much of publicity than they need. Just because something is in public domain does not make it public property.