Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Mid-Week Reads: Books and Poems and Business

I completely agree with this view of popular fiction, or any piece of pop culture:
"Fun romps are where you see what people really think. What they think is funny, who they think is a good butt for a joke, which broad stereotypes they think are valid and which they think should be subverted, what they create when they think it’s just for fun, not for literature."
Also, read this. 


~G said...

"There is nothing wrong..." wala link doesnt work... curious to know why it is okay not to worry or invest in your health!

Unmana said...

Sorry about that, will fix it now. The link does work in the text "read this", though. It doesn't say it's okay (depending on your definition), just that it's not a moral obligation.

kyra said...

Ooh thanks for the graphic novel link. Found some wonderful stuff.