Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Mid-Week Reads: Lots of Good Stuff

After ages, here's a nice long post full of things to read.

First, work.

This CEO threatens to fire employees for not replacing the milk. (Seriously? That's what he spends his time getting agitated about? Not having milk for his coffee? Keep some milk powder or something in your office, or assign one employee to do this: what's the point of being CEO if you have to throw a tantrum because something in your office isn't working the way you want?)

As one commenter says here: "Personally, I’d be damned embarrassed to be known as the CEO who couldn’t even keep milk in his company fridge without throwing a hissy fit." 

Stuff in Your Food and on Your Skin
I know I try to restrict these posts to good and/or motivational stuff, but you really should read this. Makes me so glad the Guy and I are making more of an effort to eat at home, and more determined to try harder! 

And this makes me feel much better about not buying cosmetics for a year (or two. How old is that lip gloss? Oh my god, I bought it before my wedding.) I guess I'll spend that money on a few books instead. (And that's why I don't buy cosmetics: a lipstick costs more than a good thick paperback? How does that compare for value? (If you can answer that question you're not my friend.))

Though I might as well stop buying moisturizer too, and what will my super dry and now-aging skin look like then? (But Himalaya wouldn't put animal products in their moisturizers, would they?)

I think I like this sentence best:
It kind of puts Jaws in a new light, when you realize the sunbathers on the beach were smearing the guts of the shark's buddies all over their skin.
But maybe it's time to stop eating candy too. Just hard candy, right, which I don't care for anyway? They wouldn't possibly be putting anything like this in dark chocolate? Or in something healthy, like apples?
Unfortunately for you and your future enjoyment of shiny candies, this leaves little room for quality control measures to guarantee that the insects themselves aren't scooped up also.
Once that happens, and it almost always does, the insect simply becomes part of the shellac-making process. And the candy-making process. And the candy-eating process.
Bone char is delightfully produced using the bones of cows from India, Pakistan and Afghanistan that have died from "natural causes," like when cows forget to wear a helmet when riding their motorcycles.

More on Popular Fiction and TV Shows

And now read this. And this. (Wow, this site is addictive.) 

Bonus: Relationships

While on anniversaries, it’s ours tomorrow. The Guy and I stuck it through five whole years!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your anniversary. And many, many more happy ones to you ahead.

Unmana said...

Thanks very much, Banno!

Anonymous said...

Wow..congrats on the 5 years of togetherness...I loved the mid week reads this time too :)

mad hatter said...

belated wishes for your anniversary!

Pallavi Sharma said...
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Pallavi Sharma said...

Yay, congratulations and very good wishes on your anniversary... wishing you have a lot many more fun years to spend together :)

Unmana said...

Thanks, everyone! We had a really lovely day. (And the sale at Landmark cinched it.)