Sunday, September 18, 2011

Reactions to the Tata Sky Ad Campaign

No, Agency FAQs, the Tata Sky ad doesn't encourage people to "ask questions", it encourages customers to ask for offers. And no, it's not quite the same thing. Encourage customers to ask for details is another thing; implying that you might not know what discounts or offers are on the product without asking for them is just sloppy marketing. It doesn't please me as a consumer to think that your salespeople might sell to me at a higher price by not telling me about an available discount. You're not making me feel special by saying the onus is on me to get a better offer. The salespeople is supposed to sell the offers without my prompting.
"Today, I saw an old man carrying a Tata Sky package in a taxi with an LED TV on the taxi roof; he must have asked the right questions!" Das responds with candour.
That's not candour: that's cleverness. But that's the problem with afaqs: a lot of admiration and not enough analysis.


Indian Home Maker said...

Didn't see it this way but I think you are right. Indian shopping experience is just like Indian driving, you really have to negotiate.and there are no rules. It's the survival of the fittest.

Unmana said...

IHM: Did you see the one with the bank robbers? Implying that asking bank robbers to change notes is like asking your sales/service people for information isn't really good branding.