Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Mid-Week Reads: HR, Fashion and Feminist Blog Awards

A shorter post than usual, because I’m struggling to catch up with work this week.

I completely agree with Gautam Ghosh on HR. HR is a very underrated function, at least in the organizations I’ve seen: HR is supposed to perform administrative activities and rarely performs their real purpose of improving productivity and culture.

If you blog about feminism, do participate in the Indian Homemaker’s blog awards: it’s a terrific initiative.

Dear Fashion Industry: this is from 2005, but oh, so true still. (Especially true in India, I guess. I'd add: please stop making clothes that come apart after I wash them once? The Guy's clothes get machine-washed and shoved into the dryer for years and they get faded and thin but the buttons and seams don't come off. Some clothes I buy get buttons and seams off after the first wash. Max, I'm looking at you--and I'm never buying from you again.)