Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Happiness Is Made Up of Little Things

This afternoon, we are making our way back from the doctor's. (I have always hated going to doctors, but this guy is fantastic. The first question he asks, even before he takes a proper look at me - well, actually, the second, the first is on the lines of "What's the matter with you this time?" - is "Have you been travelling?")

Anyway, we're nearing our flat and the Guy stops outside a store and goes in to buy some juice for me. A cab comes and stops right next to our car (even though this is a wide road with no other vehicle in sight) and the people inside wave and talk to someone in the store. I'm listening to music and trying not to pass out so I don't pay much attention. The Guy comes back trying to hold back a smile.

"What's up?" I ask him. He signals that he'll tell me later. As we drive off, he tells me it was the Noisy Neighbours in the car - going off on what we hope is a long vacation. I hadn't realised it was them because we know them by their voices, not by their faces, and our car windows are apparently better insulated than our house ones.

Well, I've been home since then, and I tell you, it's been peaceful.


dipali said...

May they have a nice long vacation!
Get well soon, Unmana.

Unmana said...


I think someone's been left behind - the husband, I guess, but there's been no more shouting or general loud-ness.

And thanks Dipali, I'm feeling better today.