Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Apologies for Slow Blogging

To all of those who expected frequent posts, apologies for my recent tardiness. Here's what I have been doing (and loving every moment of it)
  1. Reading my favourite bloggers online, an activity that I had had to cut down on in the last few months
  2. Sleeping as long and whenever I like
  3. Having some relaxed times with the Guy 
  4. Watching TV and movies at home (we completed re-viewing the Lord of the Rings series this weekend, yay!)
  5. Partying! (Thanks to the Guy's terrific work team, us wallflower-and-dull-as-ditchwater types have been partying just about every week (If any of you are reading, you guys rock!))
  6. Spending a little more time with Friends of Children (to be honest, I haven't done a lot of this yet, but I mean to)
  7. Reading - thanks to kind friends and my last forage in Landmark (which is probably my most favourite place in all the world, except my own home), I still have a few unread books lying on top of my bookcase, and which I mean to savor slowly over the next few days.
What have you been doing?


Anonymous said...

What have I been doing? Mostly this...

1. Trying not to scratch.
2. Reading Agatha Christie, Jeffrey Archer.
3. Trying not to scratch.
4. Watching TV
5. Seriously considering tying my hands behind my back to avoid scratching.

Unmana said...

Aachal: I'm sorry for you. Hope you get better soon.

Anonymous said...


1. looking for a job
2. going to the High Court
3. trying my hand at kitchen so that mum gets rest
4. dropping and picking up my sister to and fro work
5. reading and commenting on blogosphere
6. yapping on the phone :)
the list is quite an un-ending one; so rather stop now!!

Unmana said...

Insanity: You sound like you're just out of school! All the best with your job hunt!

Anonymous said...

I can copy this post and put it up in mine!! just add a couple more trips every now and then :-)
P.S. what is FoC?

D said...

Nursing the ulcers in my eye :(

Unmana said...

Lostonthestreet: I realised last night that I just put in FoC without a link or explanation - and very few readers would understand what that means! Friends of Children an organisation helping students in higher education. I have put in a link now.

D: Poor you. Get well soon.

Iya said...

girl, are u on a work break?

Site manager said...

I am so jealous, I would love to have some time off to just sleep until I wake up and then read and spend time with friends.
I am doing what I always do...

deal with a tantrum (either at work or home)
Become increasingly annoyed with the world

Nitu Saksena said...

1. Check emails
2. T break - bicker over everything under the sun
3. Check emails
5. Lunch
6. Check emails
7. T break - bicker over everything under the sun
8. Check emails
9. Send some emails

My current project got over (read it ramped-down due to lack of funds), dont have enuf to do. Trying to find a new project.