Thursday, May 21, 2009

I'm Loving Being at Home!

I was beginning to wonder if I was making a mistake staying home in summer... It was too hot to do anything and I was afraid I was going to fall ill again from the heat. Or I could stay in the air-conditioned bedroom all day, like an invalid. 

But in the last couple of days, the weather's changed dramatically. Its cloudy, sultry, with a strong breeze. It hasn't rained much yet, but it's not hot any more, just warm enough that the breeze feels welcome. To top it all, there have been no power cuts lately. I am sitting with the windows open, the fans on and the music on my laptop on loud. I've been reading, chatting, doing laundry... just enjoying having all the time in the world and lovely weather. Delicious.

(With my luck, it will be back to 42 degrees and five hours of load shedding tomorrow.)


Gary said...

Pune? It's been lovely today here, but with power cuts(in my area). Hope I am not carrying that assumption too far.

saima said...

lucky you..delhi's pathetic, with the power cuts and HOT weather. Despite the 'hardships' that i face, i too love spending time at home with nothing to do.. *bliss* :)

Anonymous said...

Umm.It rained in Mumbai two days back. Ten droplets per person, for precisely 15 whole minutes.And back to the sweat again

Unmana said...

Gary: Well, you're right!

Saima: Well, my city was apparently hotter than Delhi in March and April. Now we have nice weather, and then a few months of rains (hopefully).

Lostonthestreet: I know, it rained here too, but rather less - hardly enough drops to wet the ground. But at least it's cloudy now.

Nitu Saksena said...

If it makes you feel better/worse (evil grin :D)its raining cats and dogs in Bangalore and I cant sleep without my blankee. Mornings are very cold these days.