Tuesday, May 05, 2009

The Loveliest Drive I've Ever Had

...was last Sunday.

The Guy and I were up till early morning, as we often are on weekends, talking and watching TV. We went to bed around 4, and before we could drop off to sleep, he suggested getting up and going for a drive. 

We never get to see the sun rise, he pointed out. 

Me - I'm always ready for a drive!

I was surprised, given how lazy the Guy generally is, and especially surprised when he urged me to change out of my mango-stained shorts into something more respectable. (Since it was not yet five and very dark, and the Guy usually can't care less if I look shabby.)

It's the height of summer and very hot during the day (and regular readers know how much I hate the heat). But the heat had subsided and there was a cool breeze. 

Unfortunately, the sun was behind us, so we didn't actually see it rise. But hey, it was lovely weather, the roads were nearly empty, and we were happy. 

We went on and on - all the way to Lonavala. The Guy confessed he had intended to go that far, but hadn't wanted to raise my hopes in case he got tired and wanted to come back earlier. 

We were hungry by the time we got there, and nothing was open, so we cruised around till we found a place by the highway where we could have breakfast. Then we drove back again. 


dipali said...

Sounds wonderful:)

Pallavi Sharma said...

You passed by my house! You coulda called me and I'd have joined you. And dragged my lazy ass hubs too. Unless of course you just wanted to be alone ;-)

Unmana said...

Dipali: *sigh* It was.

Pallu: I did wonder if you lived somewhere nearby... Anyway I didn't think it was wise to call you at five in the morning!

Site manager said...

AHHHHH what a romantic surprise!

D said...

I'm jealous!