Friday, August 18, 2006


There's so much I think - so many varied thoughts that pop around in my head. The one thing that settles me is writing all that down - which is why this blog is such a blessing. (Not only for me, but also for the Guy, I guess - else I'd bug him with more thoughts than a busy guy can reasonably handle.)

These days for instance, things at work are a bit unsettled, so I'm trying to keep myself occupied and enthusiastic through other things. One is orkut - I have lost count of the number of old friends I met through the site. And the count just keeps increasing. Last night I picked up my old economics textbook (one I actually haven't read before), and didn't find it too boring to put down again immediately. So I've decided to take up reading Eco again, for my own edification and satisfaction. I had taken admission into MA by correspondence ages ago, then gave it up because I saw no chance of completing the course. But I'm not really looking for a formal degree - it's just that learning seems to give you a sense of purpose... There's so much I want to do in life - among my varied (often conflicting) aims are travelling, becoming a full-time writer, teaching, working with a non-profit... And yet none of these seem attractive enough for me to give up the steady pay and stability of a job...

But as I said earlier (in a different way) dreams are what keep us going... And I hope I'll do some, if not all, of the above some day...

Amen to that!

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