Friday, August 25, 2006

Growing up!

I will be 25 soon - a quarter century old! My friends remind me that I am growing old. I beg to differ - I am only growing older. I'm still a kid - I'm only grown up enough to be independent, not grown out of being pampered or throwing tantrums!

I am happy to be turning 25! Well, yeah, 25 seems old - ten years ago a woman of 25 would have seemed to me to have grown past all fun - but I don't feel old. I feel young, happy, content - in a way I have never been.

Ten years ago - even three years ago - I also longed to start earning, be independent, be in love with Mr. Right - and of course, all this would make me truly happy. Now I am earning (enough to not have to worry too much about money), am independent, am in love with the perfect (for me) guy, and am really happy! What more could I ask for?

I believe in myself as I never did before, I have faith not only in my abilities but also in my beliefs, my hopes... I have people to love me and whom I can love back without being afraid of getting betrayed... My friends now are people I know well and know what to expect from them - unlike many friends in the years past who betrayed my trust and affection. I have a life to look forward to, to plan and hope for. I have dreams to realize...

I have spent many of the last 25 years making mistakes, ignoring opportunities, shutting myself out from the light - but it is those mistakes that have made me stronger and wiser, and will keep me (I hope) from mistakes in the future. I was never as happy, as carefree, when I was a teenager. I am grown up now, and in control of my life - and it has not brought more worries, it has made me stronger in every way (emotionally, financially!) and brought people to my life who make me stronger, happier. Why should I then regret anything, even growing old(er)?

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