Tuesday, August 29, 2006

My First Wedding Gift!

The Guy and I got our first wedding gift yesterday. It came to us all the way from the US, from a very dear friend. And it is adorable. A dining set for two, it seems meant to bring us closer. I could visualize cosy romantic dinners with candles and incense on the table (yes, she very thoughtfully provided incense sticks and stand). Homemade pasta would be perfect for the menu. (You guessed it - the focus will be romance, not the food.)

Now I actually feel like I'm getting married!

Thanks, Swati!


Satyakam said...

Read all ur new posts.. Truly nice one's.. But I disagree with u on one thing! OMKARA was a nice movie.. Perhaps this view may change if I read Othello!!

Unmana said...

I did start out with the warning that the reader probably liked Omkara!

My views remain unchanged, however. I could have given a longer list of things I disliked in the movie - but I didn't feel it was worth spending so much time on.