Thursday, August 17, 2006

On Forwards

I considered titling this "In Hate of Forwards". But it might be misleading. I don't hate all forwards. Some are witty, funny. But the majority are tasteless and worse, offensive. Also, I consider them an invasion of my privacy, especially if sent by someone I a) don't know, b) am not and would not normally be in touch with - I mean, you never mail me a "Hi, how are you?" but you feel yourself entitled to send me boring forwards?

But worse than all this, perhaps is all the wrong "information" they spread. You see it often, some forward soliciting for aid because someone is ill - often with ghastly photographs - and you send it on in good faith, to find later that it has been doing the round for ages. Then there was one some time ago about petrol/diesel prices and how the government is doing nothing about it. Anyone who has any knowledge of the economy would know that the government subsidises petroleum products heavily - if this had been a free economy, we'd have been paying through our noses for fuel. Do those people sending those forwards have any idea about the real price of LPG? Why don't they find out, before clicking on that 'forward' button?

Then there's one I got today, about Tommy Hilfiger supposedly having made 'racist' comments on Oprah Winfrey's show, and pleading for a boycott of his products. My first reaction was gratification - someone actually thinks I can afford designer labels! My first search on Google took me to an Urban Legends article refuting the whole thing. It seems Oprah and Tommy Hilfiger have never met. I am as anti-racist as anyone can get - but why not check your facts first?

Then there are those which warn of dire consequences if you do not forward them. I love deleting those. I sometimes wish I'd kept count of the number I've deleted.

I think I'll send out one of my own. "If you have ever sent on a forward without reading it, you will lose your job within 15 days. If you have ever sent a forward to a person who did not know you, you will remain single all your life - if you are attached, your partner will soon leave you. If you have ever forwarded any 'information' without verifying it, all your hair will fall out within a week."

I wonder how many times I would get that one back!


Anonymous said...

HI.I guess this is the first time I am reading this and trust me i simply loved it!!

Maitreyee said...

sound like the ol unmana.. lol

Heres even better: first thing in the morning select all mails staring with FWD and click delete . Trust me the entire operation takes less than 2 min :) [the risk of losing out interesting forwards is quite bearable:) ]

the best is use your personal id for interacting with frens....

Unmana said...

I guess the issue isn't so much how to get rid of forwards - of course it's not that difficult to hit the delete button - but rather that people should stop to think and verify the truth before sending them on. Because after all, all these forwards come from colleagues, ex-classmates etc., people whom you would expect to be endowed with average intelligence.

By the way, I guess all of us are eligible to get laid by French supermodels in 3 days (I hope there's a choice of gender). ;)