Thursday, January 01, 2015

My Year’s Worth of Feminist Joys: Day 1

It’s so easy to find bad news. As a woman and a feminist, I keep avoiding the news because most news seems to be bad. And then I read blogs and Facebook posts and find more instances of misogyny and other bigotry. 

But I also acknowledge I have a great life. Yes, I’m very privileged, privileged enough to be able to ignore so much of this. But I have often wished that I could find some good news, some positivity, some hope that the world is a better place than I fear it is.

So I’m making a start, right here. For the next year, I want to blog every day, and post something that’s good. Most of it will be about my own life — about people in my life, about something that I’m proud of, even about something I’ve read that I like — so yeah, it will be all about me. It’s a way to remind myself of so much that’s good, to motivate me… and maybe it will help you feel better too. And I would love it if you would share your stories. 

Today: it's the start of a new year, and I am happy. I have a good job, I love the city I live in, I live with a man I love and who loves me... I am content, and I am incredibly lucky and privileged. And I can blog. I can sit in the comfort of my home and tell you about this, my new blog project, and if I'm lucky you'll read. I can do this. I've been blogging for nearly nine years and it still feels so wonderful, that soon, or in a few days, or in a few years, a friend or a stranger may read this. 

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