Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Day 20 of Feminist Joys: The Toast's Women in Art History Series

If you're not already reading the-toast.net, you're wasting your life. I was wasting mine till a few months ago; now I regularly worship at the altar of Mallory and Nicole and all the other gods.

And if going through the posts in their 'Women in Art History' series isn't a joy, I don't know what is.

Hard to say which is the most precious gem of all these precious gems, but Women Rejecting Marriage Proposals might just be it.
no im totally listening 
this is my listening guitar 
im playing my listening song
Women Listening to Men Play Music is also excellent.
 Mummy there’s men at the door that want to play music at us 
you might as well let them in, darling 
it’s time you learned that when men want to play music at you 
there’s simply no stopping them 
and the sooner you get it over with the sooner they leave 
Also also, Women Having a Terrible Time at Parties.

Also also also, Women Listening to Men.

Read all of them, that's what I'm saying.

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