Monday, December 17, 2012

This Winter, I'm Wishing for Winter

I hate warm weather. I am happier when temperatures start to drop, when there is a hint of mist in the air. The world seems more romantic, more full of possibilities.

Every winter, I miss Delhi. Walking to class with hands thrust deep into pockets and feeling my nose get cold in the wintry air. Walking out to the nearby market between classes for hot paratha and tea. Sitting out in the sun. Long hours spent talking.

I miss Delhi's green, its footpaths, it's parks. Dilli Haat and Priya and Sarojini Nagar and the India Gate. Every winter, I want to visit all this again.

Funny that the two times we did visit Delhi in the last few years, we did so in December.

I miss Guwahati too. Sunsets at 4 p.m. The breeze from the Brahmaputra. Long walks alone.

I wish I could visit Chicu in her cottage in the mountains. I want to see snow, to touch it. I want to play with the Ugly Squeaklings. To spend long hours having those easy conversations with her that I seem to have had so few of.

I dream of long drives, of cottages in the hills, of walks in the woods. But that's not going to happen this year -- there is too much to work on, too little money to spare.

But we're both home, the Guy and me. We're working together on something we love. Each of us has only to walk into the other room when we have a question or a rant (though to be honest, we're often too lazy and use Google chat instead).

For this year, this is enough.

Where are you this winter, and where do you want to be?

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