Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Heat

The heat is like a third person in the room
Making us shift uncomfortably in our chairs
We can’t have a private conversation
Just you and me.

We glance at our books, and the tv
And wish the time would pass quickly
Till its bed time and we can move
To our air-conditioned bedroom.


D said...

Awesome bit of writing!

Pallavi Sharma said...

I know! It's unbearable at times even to hug, with that stupid heat draining every drop of sweat out of you. Hmpf!

Noni said...

ohh..this is good...

Unmana said...

D, Noni: Thank you!

Pallu: We've almost stopped hugging, except in the AC room!

Unknown said...

I like this - describes my state of being just now!

Unmana said...

eve's lungs: Thank you! It's been particularly bad this year, hasn't it?