Monday, December 24, 2012

On Dreams Coming True

I had heard it said, that sometimes you're afraid of a dream coming true. Sometimes you don't want what you've always wanted.

And I scoffed. I want what I want, I thought. I was young, and sure. I knew what I wanted.

I feel old now, because I don't feel that way anymore.

A dream I've dreamed since I was a kid is within my reach. I can reach out and pluck it off the air, touch the glowing fruits with my fingers. I reach out... and stop.

I am afraid. Afraid the gleam will go off the fruits if I touch them. Afraid the fruits won't be what I expected.

You see, once you pluck the fruits, you can't put them back on the tree. They are yours forever.

But what if you decide you don't want them after all?

I lead a safe, comfortable, selfish life. I do little that I don't want to do. I rarely consider another's wishes than my own.

And it is scary to contemplate plunging in into something new and utterly different, an adventure like one I've never had. To push myself out of my safe little bubble.

I always thought I wanted this adventure, and now it's all working out. But will I get on the ship?

Do you know whether you want to be safe, or to have an adventure?

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