Friday, June 10, 2011

"Mockingbird" by Kathryn Erskine

My darling boss sent me this beautiful, amazing book. It's named after To Kill A Mockingbird, because the protagonist, a ten-year-old girl with Asperger's syndrome, loves the movie and wants to be like Scout. But Caitlin herself is quite as brave and smart as Scout ever was, dealing with the death of her brother in a tragic shooting and helping her dad and herself find closure.

Part of the reason why I loved the book was that I could so relate to young Caitlin. I still hide under a pillow sometimes when I don't want to face life, and I hate people speaking loudly and getting in My Personal Space almost as much as she does.

The dead brother, Devon, is only seen through Caitlin's eyes, but he seems such an interesting and wonderful person that the tragedy becomes even more poignant. Devon had always looked out for Caitlin, understood her, and helped her to deal with things she didn't understand. In a world full of strange people, he had been her only friend. As the book progresses, Caitlin realizes she needs more friends and gets the courage to seek them out.

I read the book over two days and cried through much of it. But it's not a depressing book: it is full of hope and promise. It reminds you to try looking at the world through others' eyes and to keep trying even when it's hard.

I often give away books once I've read them, because I don't have space in my ever-heavier bookcase! But this book, I'm gonna keep close and take out and read again when I need a dose of courage. I think Caitlin could inspire me. She might inspire you too.

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Anita said...

The book definitely sounds interesting.