Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Mid-Week Reads: Very Short Edition

Very short, quick post today because I seem to have a ton of work piled up and my email's dying on me. I'll have to rush in to office to get it looked at! Anyway. Let's start.

To find work you love, you have to try working at lots of different jobs, maybe 50, maybe 100. You are limited only by the ideas you have for what to try.
As the Harvard Business Review shows, satisfying work is the intersection of what what you like to do, what you are good at, and what an organization values.For many people, knowing the intersection of these three circles is the hardest part of adult life.
Don't think you're above caring about prestige.
We would each like to think that we are above choosing careers based on how people think of us. But studies show that the prestige of a career matters more than the money earned from that career.


Unmana said...

AND I can't seem to make Blogger display normal sized text. Grrrr!

Starry-eyed nut said...

Harvard seems to be absolutely right, but given that combination and the number of jobs one needs to have, one might never find the perfect job :)

Unmana said...

Starry: It's sad, but I think most people don't. I'm very lucky in that I have one!

Anita said...

Nice one on finding the right job. After years of plodding through the wrong jobs, I am now at a point where I am ok with the job and the organisation and the boss. This is a rare combo indeed and I can already see that the combo may not last forever. But I am glad I did move around till I figured a place that seems ok in the present moment.