Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Mid-Week Reads: Work Hard, but Follow Your Passion

Work, work and more work

It’s almost the end of my work-week (yeah, really. I’m traveling for a work-related-thing tomorrow and going away for the weekend on Friday!), but it’s still the middle of yours, suckers. So get some ideas or inspiration from these.

Shorts for office—really? I have one pair of shorts as short as some in that picture, and I've only ever found it appropriate for the beach or in the summer inside my house. I would, though, like to work in an office where such clothes were appropriate!


6 ways to deplete your energy. (Seriously, who doesn’t do #3?)


Love lessons from Disney's Belle. And just to be safe, let me tell you this is a parody and NOT to be taken seriously.

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~G said...

Wow! The article on people who stutter was an eye opener.

Anita said...

Go the fuck to sleep sounds darn interesting.

and those shorts are darn little! Though, I am now used to seeing all top magazines feature work wear that I never seem to see in real life.