Friday, February 04, 2011

Announcement: Change in Programming Schedule

First, the good news. The Guy and I are off to Assam tomorrow, for a long two-week trip. We're planning a "perfect" holiday: spend lots of time with my mom; make friends with my niece again who is now a smart four-year-old from the adorable baby she was when we last visited; go to Kaziranga and ride on an elephant and see rhinos; visit my mom's ancestral village where an uncle still lives and which is the most peaceful place you can imagine while not being actually deserted. My mom's also promised to make us hot pitha, and we're going to take my niece around town on Saraswati Puja (which used to be a big deal when I was growing up: we all dressed up in traditional clothes and walked all over town and ate at a dozen mandaps).

The bad news? What with all of that happening, I won't have much time to blog. Miki will be up on Sunday, unless something goes wrong (like my Tata Photon + not working, but Effe said hers worked deliciously while she was travelling in Assam, so you can blame her for misleading me in case mine doesn't).

HOWEVER. In lieu of other posts, I'll put up a picture a day, to tell you how my trip is going. How generous is that? (You're welcome.)


Aneela Z said...

This is put pics. and if possible cross the border (I will be near Jaflong come second week of Feb)drive down to Dhaka with me.

Unmana said...

And get shot for a terrorist, eh?

Soulmate said...

wow... Assam... NE has always fascinated me but I have never had a chance to visit there.. Someday I guess this wish shall be fulfilled..

Anonymous said...

Lucky you!!
Two weeks of pure, clean air :)
Eagerly looking forward to the snaps , though frankly, I'll miss Miki loads :(
Have fun you two :)

Unmana said...

Soulmate: Best of luck: I hope you get to visit soon.

Momofrs: Pure clean air? Well, you haven't seen Guwahati. But yeah, Kaziranga and the village should be awesome.

And dude? Miki will be up, I said!