Monday, February 21, 2011

Ninth (Set of) Pictures: Street Signs at Kaziranga

I didn't put up as many of these posts as I'd expected, so I'll continue them for a while. Tell me which you like and which aren't worth looking at.

At many roads, we found hilarious signs up, usually trying to caution drivers to be careful. Here are a few I got pictures of.

Apparently, they haven't heard of women drivers in the place. There was another sign (an official-looking one too, not just graffiti on a rock) that said "Don't Gossip--Let Him Drive".

If I wasn't married in the first place, how do I get a divorce? What is that supposed to mean? Oh, never mind. 

These last two aren't funny in the same way. But don't let the dilapidated signs fool you. Kaziranga is well-kept and clean and the people we met were all polite and friendly.

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