Friday, February 11, 2011

Third Photo: Road to the Village

Yes, yes, I know I'm late. I'll make up for it: I'll post a few pics over the next few days.

We've had some bad luck. The Guy and my little cousin both caught a bug; I sprained my ankle, not too badly. We went to a clinic this morning and the young doctor was very gentle and spoke politely in English with a marked Assamese accent (so that I had to explain later to the Guy what he had said). He (the doctor) also made me feel like a young girl instead of the portly matron I am by addressing me with the more informal pronoun tumi. 

Anyway, here's the third picture. This is from yesterday, as we turned into the road that leads right to my mom's old village. It's one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen. More pictures soon.


Anonymous said...

It is a truly beautiful place. But Assam is beautiful. Aren't you lucky to have such a fabulous maternal village, nanihar? :)

Unmana said...

Yes, indeed! Unfortunately, I didn't see much of it all my years in Assam. We visited a couple of times, but there wasn't a nice (mostly) smooth road then, and it was difficult! I took the Guy there four years ago and he loved it.

Indian Home Maker said...


And take care.