Saturday, November 14, 2009

In Case You Wonder...

...what I'm grateful for, let me give you an example.

I went to a small town nearby for some work with Friends of Children. The Guy, who also volunteers, though not as actively as I do, expressed regret that he wasn't going with me. He wanted to get some rest. Even though we had had a late night, he got up with me in the morning so that he could make me my favourite breakfast, packed the laptop and camera in the backpack for me to carry, and even found my raincoat and umbrella when it started to rain and I mentioned I should carry them.

After I went downstairs, I called the Guy to make sure he had packed the camera. He told me he was just done cleaning the fan (a chore that was long overdue and that I had been too lazy to take on).

I felt guilty then, especially as the Guydad arrives early tomorrow and the house was in a mess: at least the guest bedroom needed to be tidied a bit. The Guy had informed me that he was going to have a lazy day.

Our team had a lot to do and didn't get time for lunch: we made do with biscuits and chips and bananas and tea. But the nice breakfast I had had helped to keep me going. We finally got a nice meal at six, when we had finished our work and were on the highway back to town.

I just got home, and discovered that the Guy was cooking dinner. I was touched, and glad, for I am longing for a home-cooked meal. Then I saw a big bowl and uncovered it. It contained gajar ka halwa. I tasted it: not-too-sweet, creamy, with lots of raisins and nuts... perfect! Neither of us had ever made it before. I had meant to all this week and was too lazy to.

And the house was much tidied.

What have I ever done to deserve him?


Pallavi Sharma said...

Can I steal him? But then I'll also have to steal your soul, personality, and looks :P

Anonymous said...

You lucky girl! Don't forget to appreciate him and let him know that you do...I'm sure you deserve him just like he deserves you...

Unmana said...

simplypallu: *blush*

ramblingsbybones: I try to appreciate him, I do! And to make sure of that, I write these posts praising him.

dipali said...

You must have done something good!
Stay happy always, both of you.