Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Nothing to Say

Or rather, I have a lot to say, but can't seem to be able to say it. I write long blog posts in my head and don't seem to have the energy to commit it to the keyboard. I promise myself I'll blog, and the day passes by with me pushing the thought away for later, until it's tomorrow again.

I don't suppose you've missed me. (Well, you haven't said so.) So it doesn't really matter.

But if you do come here and look at the date on the last post, and wonder... I'll be back.


Sumedha said...

I've missed you! I visit your blog everyday looking for new posts! :)

And I do know what you mean. Very well. I always plan out these long, extremely smart-sounding things in my head, and then either I never get round to writing them, or they sound significantly less smart when I actually see them on paper (or rather, on screen), so I don't post them.

But do write soon. :)

Pallavi Sharma said...

Of course we've missed you. Most of us are just lazy to not drop a line asking about your absence. But I'm sure many of us come here for a daily dose of you thoughts. :)

Aneela Z said...

i thought it was your back after a month of glad it was just "izhar bhee mushkil hai kuch keh bhee nahee saktey"!!!

Anonymous said...


Unmana said...

Thank you all. I'm touched that you miss me! I'll be back soon... I think.

Aneela: The back hasn't been bothering me much, and even took those long drives to Goa and back without the least complaint!

Chandu: Keep saying that till I listen, won't you?

Anonymous said...

Hey I keep coming back for updates...So write,soon!

dipali said...

I missed you. Now please get back to writing:)