Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thank You All

The operation was done last evening, with no major hitches except that it started a couple of hours after the scheduled time, and that wasn't wholly unexpected. We waited outside, the Guy and I, his sister and her husband and the Elf - behaving himself better than usual, only throwing tantrums a couple of times. We barely dared to go and have some tea and snacks in case the doctors might come out and we wouldn't get to talk to them. We were back in time, however. After some more waiting, we were told that it's over. The doctors came out, and as soon as he saw my harried face, the doctor assured me that everything went well. They took us in to take a peep at the GuyDad lying in the recovery room. The GuyDad is thin - though not very weak for a seventy-year old, and we were worried that his body might not be strong enough to easily withstand surgery.

He looked around and waved cheerily at us, and all our fears melted.

The Guy stayed with him, while I came home for a night's sleep. As I made my way home, I thought about my aching body - and felt immense relief that that was all that I had to complain about, that everything had gone well and the GuyDad seemed okay.

I have to go back soon and relieve the Guy of his duties. Remember, you all, tomorrow we blog for Elimination of Violence Against Women. who have agreed to participate include: Dipali, Masood, NuttyNits and IndianHomemaker. And me, of course. Anyone else in?


Anonymous said...

Congratulations and best wishes to GuyDad.

Unmana said...

Thanks a lot, IHM!

Nitu Saksena said...

Great! I'm glad every thing went well!!

Thanks for the reminder about the blog.. I'm not very good at it but managed to scribble my thoughts which i strongly feel for.


Gayatri said...

- good guydad's doing well :)
- jus curious to know what went wrong
- u must be wondering why am being so inquisitive...the reason is that am damn worried my dad is going to go thru a surgery sometime next month ...jus wondering if God directed me to ur blog so that i could get some relief...
- r'nt I crazy????
- I don't know ..jus felt I had to do this and I did it

Unmana said...

NuttyNits: Thanks. I read your post.

Gayatri: Why don't you email me and I'll tell you more.

dipali said...

I'm glad he's doing well. My mom is in hospital with a broken hip, so my post on "why I am a feminist" will be delayed.

Unmana said...

dipali: I'm very sorry. I hope she's in not much pain and is better soon. The GuyDad is still in hospital, and it's been exhausting, taking turns to be by his side.

dipali said...

She's in traction until the surgery, and has been heavily sedated today, which is better for her as she's been in pain and is quite disoriented.
Yes, hospitals tend to be exhausting places:(
I hope your father-in-law recovers soon and all your lives get back on track.