Friday, December 26, 2008

Happy Holidays!

Sorry I'm late with my Christmas greetings, people! In my defense, my internet had conked out again - it appears a cable was cut off and it wasn't fixed till sometime Christmas day.

We had the most awesome Christmas lunch. The Guy, my mom and I went to Yellow Chillies and gorged on the buffet. The food was good, the service outstanding, and at a buffet! I told the Guy I felt like hugging someone at the restaurant and telling them what a great time I had had. He promptly offered himself.

I also took my mom to the Aga Khan Palace this week. There were nice lawns, and the building looked pretty and recently painted from outside, but was rather disappointing inside. The - umm, what do you call them? They were not paintings, rather like large pages of a scrapbook put up on boards, complete with old pictures, news clippings, and bits of writing. Anyway, the boards were filthy, with what looked like birdshit on them. The rooms were ill-lit, and then the power went off and we could view little since.

Continuing with my historical education, we are visiting Ajanta and Ellora this weekend. We only decided this morning, and I haven't had time to read up on them as I would have liked to. I'm much looking forward to it.

I'll be back to wish you all a Happy New Year. Happy weekending!

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dipali said...

Happy weekending to you too!