Sunday, December 21, 2008

How You Get Here - IV

As I'm still too sick to put down my thoughts coherently, let me entertain you with some search queries through which people have got here recently.
  • chateau indage - narayangaon: Now that brings back nice memories.
  • masturbation and wrinkles: See, my blog serves an educational purpose!
  • Buying Furniture as a couple: Was this a quest for advice, I wonder!
  • atticus finch demonstrate prudence: What exactly is this person looking for, do you think?
  • words for adventure: Maybe your purpose might be served with a thesaurus?
  • words from last names: You've lost me here.
  • words on marraige(sic) invitations: Sorry I can't help there.
  • liberal feminism on foeticide: If you mean abortion, I'm totally pro-choice. As for female foeticide and the like, I'm against it on moral grounds, but I don't see how you can stop it through legal action without severely restricting the rights of the mother. The best way to stop it would be through empowering women until the girl child is no longer viewed as a burden.
  • writing a letter about computer addiction: You are? To whom? And why?
  • nice m words: Why, are you trying your hand at alliteration?
  • bastard shashi tharoor: Well, I don't on principle hold with 'bastard' as a term of abuse, though I have been known to use it quite freely.
  • Updated on 22 December: This one was too good to miss - can we leave our flat and stay in other society in the same area

Okay, this exercise in narcissism is over. Regular blogging will resume soon, I hope.


Dr. Ally Critter said...

Hey Unmana, get well soonest!

On the "b*****d" thing, the word just rolls out like a cuss word. Though F***tard " is as good. I think its not the word, but the sound of it that maketh the cuss word for me.

D said...

At the risk of sounding totally technologically challenged, may I ask you what widget/gadget gets us this info about our blog? I'd so like to know how they get there.

Dr. Ally Critter said...

And there is an award for you too.

Praveen VS said...

@D: My guess would be that unmana is using google analytics to track this ...I am right?

chandu said...

arrre....I come back after a short bit and see u're on a roll again!

I amso glad1

Hope u and the guy get better soon and are back to full fledged blogging soon!

Season's greetings!

Unmana said...

D and Praveen: I actually use extreme tracker. You can see the icon at the bottom of the blog. Google Analytics would actually give you a lot more information, but I've been too lazy to switch.

Alankrita: Thanks so much! Will put it up as soon as I feel a bit better. Am feeling rather dizzy this morning.

Chandu: Thank you, thankyou, thankoo! Season's greetings to you too.