Saturday, December 13, 2008

Here I Am Again!

... and thanks to all of you who dropped by while your host was on leave, especially Chandni, who seemed to miss me.

Well, we finally got internet access in the new house, so I should be back for good. In other news, however, my mom's visiting, my friend Effe is coming over tomorrow, we are planning a weekend away next week, and then we have more visitors for a week around Christmas. So I shall be busy, and blogging might be sporadic. On the plus side, I seem to have lots of holidays this month, so it might not be that infrequent after all. (Okay, Unmana, make up your mind.)

Give me some time while I read the 1000+ posts on my Reader. And tell me what you have been doing with yourselves.


Indian Home Maker said...

Looking forward to seeing in the blogosphere again :)

Praveen VS said...

even I have been thinking where u had disaapeared all this time and now I know....
welcome back...and congrats for moving into the new house