Monday, December 22, 2008

Phone Conversation of the Day - IV

Thanks to all your good wishes, the Guy at least seems to be recovering to his usual mean self.

The Guy's phone rang while we were at lunch today. I could hear a female voice at the other end deliver a long automated-sounding monologue. Apparently she was calling from a bank/financial institution and saying something on the lines of "humne aapke liye ek naya pension scheme nikala hai" ("We have created a new pension scheme for you").

The Guy asked, "So how much money are you giving me?"

A wide grin on my face. Some understandable hesitation on the other side. Then the conversation continues.

"Okay, you're giving me twelve thousand rupees?"

I look incredulous. Surely they must have realised their mistake by now?

After a few more seconds, the Guy calmly says, "Okay, I'll expect the cheque tomorrow," and hangs up.

"But you haven't retired yet," I object. "You can hardly expect them to give you money under a pension scheme right away."

"But unless they start soon, how can I have a comfortable retirement?" he counters reasonably.

I secretly think he's opened himself up to a lot of calling by that organisation who think they have got themselves an 'interested' subject. We'll see.


D said...

My dad once told a tele-caller him to open an account in a certain bank that he'd readily do it if she would send him some money! The poor lady never called up again.

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Indian Home Maker said...

LOL :) I do such stuff too!

And now look what Santa has left for you on my blog here.

Unmana said...

Hey, IHM, thanks a lot!