Monday, October 06, 2008

Weird Old Me

The Indian Homemaker wants to know my quirks and addictions. And so does Aneela. I thought those must be pretty obvious to you all by now!

The obvious ones are of course, the Guy, books, blogging, reading blogs and articles online. Let me see if I can dig deeper.

I like quiet. I like to be left alone, especially right after I wake up. I remember my mom used to ignore me for some time after I got up - either in the morning or from an afternoon nap - because I would be cranky and ready to snap for half an hour or so. The Guy usually gets around it by hugging me and putting me in a good mood. But I still need my alone time every day. I get annoyed if there's loud or prolonged noise around me. Very loud and prolonged noise is plain torture.

I like bland food. I can't eat food that is very hot or spicy. I don't like much oil, either, though I love salty fried snacks. I love cheesy, buttery concoctions though. Figures that my favourite foods are Italian and Punjabi.

I love the colour pink. But usually avoid wearing it because of the stereotypes associated with it.

I hate cleaning. I notice if things aren't clean though. Not the happiest of combinations.

I flare up very easily. But I usually have the self-control not to show it. Which means that the people closest to me face the brunt of it.

I am overall very quick and extreme in my emotions, unlike the composed picture of myself I like to present to the world. I might have one interesting conversation with someone and end up day dreaming about them for a few days. I might have one disturbing conversation and rant about it for hours. I stay up at nights worrying when something goes slightly wrong, and flushed with excitement when something is more right than usual. All that makes me a volatile person to live with, and it is to the Guy's credit that he doesn't complain.

I think I've bared my soul sufficiently now. Let me pass on the baton - or is it the beacon?

Despite the Guy's abhorrence for tags, I'd like to know what he thinks of himself. After all, I've always maintained he's pretty weird!

I'd also like to see Pallu, @lankrita and Roop doing this.


Dr. Ally Critter said...

Hmm now that is a tough one... will have to work on it.. gimme a few days

Aneela Z said...

Now these are REAL quirks...!! Im glad I made you do this.

Unmana said...

Alankrita: Sure, no hurry.

Aneela: Yeah, you made me expose myself as the weirdo I am.

To all whom I tagged: sorry I didn't go around and inform you. I've been rather lazy in my blogging lately, dealing with lots of work in office and a body that's not quite healthy yet.

Banno said...

It's always nice to know some quirky details about your blogger pals. Get well soon. And am sending you the DVD today. At your home address.

Indian Home Maker said...

We have somethings in common.
I also get very stressed with prolonged loud noises and definitely need my own time everyday :)

I too stay up at night worrying about things that have happened during the day, and if I am alone I switch op the Computer :)

And lol, oh yes you have bared your soul by telling us your favourite food is Italian and Punjabi:))
Get well soon, I think it's a virus, I was down with it too.

Unmana said...

Banno: Hey, thanks. I'm looking forward to it.

IHM: How about coffee sometime? We seem to have a lot in common.

chandu said...


Pallavi Sharma said...

Sorry I didn't take up both ur tags yet. Getting regular posts out of me is still a problem. Will do the tags as soon as I can :)

Dr. Ally Critter said...

Done the tag. Please approve.

D said...


I'm quite the opposite of you as far as waking up inthe morning goes. I begin to jabber the moment I open my eyes and that sets the tone for the rest of the day for me!