Friday, October 17, 2008

I Want More Time
  • Read more. I've mostly been sticking to really light stuff like Agatha Christie's or "chick lit", because I'm too tired after work to do anything more serious. I never did get past that first chapter of The Second Sex.
  • Rest more. I never seem to be getting enough sleep these days. I go through most of the day wishing I could get in a nap.
  • Learn to cook properly. I'm bored of my limited repertoire. But this is something I can only start when the Guy is back to appreciate it.
  • Take care of my skin and hair. I need a pedicure. A haircut. And when was the last time I put on a face pack?
  • Finish up all my pending errands. As of now I remember them, feel guilty and move on. I guess I'll just keep doing that till the Guy's back and takes care of them for me. (But seriously, it's not any less work - housework and errands - for one person instead of two, and I have one person less to do it.)
  • Write. Apart from the stray blogging, emails to the Guy, and what my work requires, I haven't done any writing in months.
  • Exercise. I want to get healthier - and looking better wouldn't hurt.

If I haven't done any of this while the Guy's away, how am I ever going to find time when he's back?


Aneela Z said...

awww..I wish we could clone ourselves or sub-contract some of our lives to the call centre person in I know what to say next time I get a random telemarketer on the the moment I want someone to go to the washroom on my behalf, too tired to budge from couch.

Pallavi Sharma said...

Babe, you can leave the looking good part out of your "objective" ... you look stunning already! I was all swoony over the dimples and your lovely skin, and the smart outfit :D

Indian Home Maker said...

Yes we can all do with some more time!!

Unmana said...

Aneela: I thought about the cloning bit, but who wants to deal with two of me?!

Pallu: Gosh, thanks. I'm feeling embarassed and very flattered. And the outfit was something the Guy had got last year.

IHM: Indeed. And someone irreligious like me doesn't even have the comfort of an eternal hereafter to look forward to.