Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Things We Want

  1. a bigger house to live in
  2. a nice cupboard/almirah
  3. a sofa
  4. a proper queen-sized (if not king-sized) bed
  5. a new fridge
  6. a dining table set
  7. a dinner crockery set
  8. an AC
  9. a bookcase (Just one? what will we do with the other boxes of books?)
  10. matching curtains and furnishings for the entire house
  11. a better microwave
  12. Worldspace radio
  13. a nice audio/home theatre system
  14. a bigger TV
  15. a better DVD player
  16. paintings to put up on our walls
  17. a diamond pendant and earrings set for me
  18. a better car
  19. a foreign holiday

You think a year is too less to get all of that?


Dr. Ally Critter said...

Can all be done in a year- you need the cash though.

Have done the tag.

Unmana said...

Well yeah, I meant primarily from the cash perspective.:-)

Maybe it should say instead, "Do you think we can spare enough cash in the next year to buy all of that?"

Site manager said...

I say sure you can! Dream big! Imagine yourself traveling in your new diamonds!!

Aneela Z said...

And while we are on the list of things we want by the end of year...World Peace!!

Did you read my Wish List from a couple of weeks ago? do you think it is attainable by December?

Pallavi Sharma said...

Oh wish you all the luck (and cash) in getting exactly things you want. I think we got almost all of that in less than 2 years. Is that too long to wait? ;-)

Indian Home Maker said...

It's as much fun to plan and buy, one thing at a time, choosing, selecting and celebrating :)
Enjoy :)

Unmana said...

Just a Grail: LOL. I think I'd probably lock them up before going travelling.

Aneela: LOL

Pallu: I guess not, though I'm sure the list will have expanded by then!

IHM: You have hit the nail right on the head. That is exactly the reason why I'm not in a hurry. I plan to make the most of each one.