Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Day 69 of Feminist Joys: Bad Advice

Some day I'll write about my favorite advice columns and how much they've helped me improve my life. But today is not that day.

Today, we glory in wonderful misandrist or sarcastic advice.

The Bad Advisor is one of my favorite bloggers.
Only one of you can possibly have the correct answer to this question, to which there is just one possible answer. The person whose answer—which is to say, the only answer which can be correct—is correct is you, the correct person, owing to the fact that your answer is literally the sole accurate response to this question, to which there is no room whatsoever for differentiation, interpretation, situational deviance or personal whim.
My Boyfriend’s Friend Is Dying And It’s Very Inconvenient For Me:

That’s what’s so terribly unfair about this whole situation: here’s a guy in the prime of his life who’s had three run-ins with cancer while trying to raise a family with what’s left of his time on planet earth, and he fails to put your feelings about it first. 
What do you do if your wife refuses to continue to do all your housework?
What, are you supposed to cook dinner? Mop a floor? Have an open and honest discussion with your wife about household purchases and meal planning? No man should ever deign to engage in such offensive activities with his helpmeet. 
And now the Great Mallory Ortberg Herself is giving women relationship advice. No excerpts -- go read the whole thing.

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